Hey! I'm Kayla, owner and creator of Awai Swim.

Awai Swim initially started with my love for the ocean, travel and truly wishing I could live in a bikini all year round. The problem was, I've always been so selective about quality and fit without wanting to make the financial commitment. I decided to borrow my moms sewing machine a few weeks before a trip, draw up a pattern and make a couple bikinis of my own.


Once my friends found out the suits I was wearing were handmade by myself, the requests started rolling in. I began to love the whole process of choosing the perfect fabric, drawing up designs and revising my patterns to find the most flattering sizes and fit for everyone. 

All of this lead me to the idea of creating Awai Swim. 

I spent months practicing different sewing techniques, buying a high quality machine and constantly trying to improve. I did not want to release anything I felt was not my best work. Everything I make is something I would wear myself, and would be thrilled to see you wear. 


My goal is for everyone to love their handmade Awai Swim bikinis as much as I love making them.